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Feedback from past School Science Shows

“Your show was the best I have seen ... of any type”

Leura P.S. (NSW)



“Fantastic! Great presentation! Your shows were perfectly pitched 

for K-7. Professional, humorous and extremely interactive. Can 

you come back next year?”

Yeronga State School (QLD)


“I have been teaching since the Jurassic period and this was the best school performance I have ever seen. The presenters lifted science to a new height. The Aboriginal Perspective was respectful and enlightening. Teachers & students said ‘Best Ever’.”

Carla Morrison Terrigal P.S. (NSW)


“Kids said the following ‘Great’, ‘Fun’, ‘Mad and Educational’. Teachers said "You can have them back anytime".

Latham P.S. (ACT)


“The Jollybops held this K-6 audience throughout the entire performance, using methods including loud explosions, colourful experiments, unique humour and student/teacher involvement. 

The best in school performance we have had at the school in twenty years.”

Antonine College  (VIC)


“Our students were intrigued, excited and enjoyed every minute of the performance. The students were not only shown the science side, they were shown the Aboriginal Perspective. The performance was excellent. I gave it 10 out of 10.”

Franki Maddrell – AEO Raymond Terrace P.S (NSW)


“We have had Jollybops Science at Springwood P.S 6 or 7 times now. The kids have absolutely loved all the shows presented. Educational, but so much fun. These guys are great. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Mehmet Mehmet – Principal Springwood P.S (NSW)


“The students were amazed & enjoyed every minute. The presenters were fantastic and the students absolutely loved them. We look forward to another performance in the very near future! They were marvellous!”

Brett Perkins – St Cecilia’s CS Wyong. (NSW)


“The kids were enthralled! I took shots of the audience and their jaws were almost on their knees. As always the animated Jollybops Science performance captured the interest of the children and was highly motivational.”

Debra Gavin – Samuel Terry P.S (NSW)


“The show was very funny and cool the kids were very excited during and after the performance. The performers included the children with all experiments in the show, which they loved.”

Taryn Goodes – Mt Warrigal P.S (NSW)


“The kids said ‘fantastic, really funny, very interesting, I learnt a lot and I’m really glad I paid my money’. It was a great show which the children thoroughly enjoyed and it sparked some great writing and discussion afterwards”

Anne-Maree Wright – Port Kembla P.S (NSW)


“Jollybops Science show was easy to organise and the presenters were on time. The students found the show exhilarating, cool, funny, spectacular and generally ‘awesome’!”

Peter Clifton – Principal Wingham Brush P.S (NSW)


“I highly recommend the Jollybops Science Show. The students were amazed, engaged and loved the performance ‘WOW that was Cool’. Even better the presenters were well prepared and on time.”

Gail Erskine – St Jerome’s Punchbowl.  (NSW)


“10/10. Children really thought the show was ‘awesome’ and ‘funny’ especially when Rusty the Robot demonstrated Bernoulli’s Principle but hitting someone in the head with toilet paper. A great show which I highly recommend for K-6”

M.Schembri – Lithgow P.S (NSW)


“I was absolutely impressed. The students loved the show and found it exciting & fantastic. They always give something back to the school. 10/10.”

Dr Ken Darvall – Principal Al Zahra College Arncliffe (NSW)


“The Children loved all the shows!!! They commented after the shows for days with words such as ‘Sensational’, ‘Funny’, ‘Awesome’, ‘Exciting’, ‘Cool’ and ‘Hilarious’. I gave all 13 performance feedback scores 10/10.”

Annie McArthur – St Clare of Assisi (ACT)


“I highly recommend the Jollybops Science Show. The students were enthusiastic, motivated and excited. Come back next year please!”

Trevor Acason – Mullaway P.S (NSW)



“Thank You for your engaging, educational and very entertaining show. The kids absolutely loved it…and were very excited and engaged throughout the performance of the ‘Science with an Aboriginal Perspective show for K-6’.”

Leah Rose – Shell Cove P.S (NSW)


“A very professional and educational performance looking at Indigenous Science. The kids really, really enjoyed the show and I had to give every box of the Performance Feedback form 10/10.”

Chris Taylor – Brookvale P.S (NSW)


“I Highly recommend a series of shows performed by Jollybops Science for Years 4-6. Kids thought it was really ‘Cool and Awesome’ and I have to agree. 10/10.”

Sandra Altin – Marist College Junior School (NSW)


“The show was fun and entertaining and useful for the kids. They really enjoyed it and got them very excited about Science. We will definitely have them back ASAP.”

Sean Gorman – Our Lady of Mount Carmel Bonnyrigg. (NSW)


“Great Science Show. Students were all engaged and excited. The presenters were very professional and friendly. The students said they would love to attend a Jollybop Science Show again and all the teachers were extremely positive about the performances.”

Victoria Sturnan – Kurri Kurri P.S (NSW)


“These performers came highly recommended and rightly so. They were Fantastic! Staff and students loved all of the shows. We actually did two different one hour long shows for Kindergarten and they wanted more. I had to give all the 13 Performance Feedback categories 10/10 for Jollybop Science”

Bridget White – Clarence Valley Anglican School  (NSW)


“This was a Great Incursion. Had it all (smoke, fire, bubbles, colour and even a Robot) The students really enjoyed it and some responses were ‘Unreal’, ‘Cool’, ‘I loved being a Volunteer’. Ten out of Ten for me.”

Will Postill – Caulfield Junior  College (VIC)


“The Best Science Show our school has ever had. It was an educational but extremely entertaining performance for staff and students. The students were completely engaged and very excited during and after the performances.”

Brooke Murray – Montpellier P.S (VIC)


“The Jollybops Science Shows exceeded all expectations. The BUZZ from the students during and after the performances was truly wonderful.”

Maree Jones – St Patricks Cessnock (NSW)

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